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Friday, October 13, 2006

Keep watching the blog. We will be uploading all the stills from the performance as we get them.
Just before the event starts
Preparing the Dragons

Vida en otro lado by Julia Lazarus

Steffi Weismann rehearsing `Spring Time 1` ,for trampoline and electronics.
Karen Fraser,documenting the show.
Leif from the Mixed Reality Lab,Nottingham University.
Anette,co-artistic director with Miles.
Miles,co-artistic director with Anette.

Well its Friday morning and the show was last night It seems to have gone pretty well. Difficult to tell ith an event which is spread throughout the building and in the streets outside. I was pleased with the way my stuff worked in the space and the audience were wandering around and coming upand having a look as it went on-just as I had hoped.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Simon Heijdens plants his tree at Checkpoint Charlie

Setting the interactive sensors to respond to movement in the street

Active Ingredient test their PDA's (PersonalDigitalAssistants)for use in Ere be Dragons

The Figurines have to be dusted every day.

Rehearsing `From here to the end of my garden...` in HAU 2 this morning with Lorena,who is assisting me.

The space inside HAU 2 is terrific, and the basic theatre is being re-configured to accomodate a range of different media works. I ,for one, hope the audience will feel free to get out of their seats and wander around interacting with the work-but its often difficult for audiences to understand they have permission to do that.

First Play Berlin is paqrt of a series of media\art events called Second Life.

HAU 2 is a theatre with a cafe outside and a foyer/cafe inside where the Day Of the Figurines is taking place.

Wednesday Lunchtime.
As usual it has taken ages to sort out an online connection and a place to write the blog-but now I have a little space at a desk in the HAU 2 Theatre.

See photo of Robin (from AI) sitting next to my laptop.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We leave for Berlin Tomorrow night (Monday) to prepare for the TRAMPOLINE show at HAU 2 on Thursday.
I will try and let you know what is happening over the next five days as we prepare and do the show.

Simon Heijdens is taking his tree.(interactive-of course)

Blast Theory and the Mixed Reality Lab are already there with their Figurines.
They are already 11 days into their 24 day premiere of their new game experience.
I am not sure what to expect when I see it on Tuesday.
I'm talking my Garden to Berlin, Active Ingredient are taking their Dragons....

It all starts at the end of our garden................

Friday, October 06, 2006

The record of doing First Play Berlin will start soon.

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